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Thin Prep Pap ThinPrep Pap Vial

Conventional Pap Conventional Pap Kit
Requisition Requisition

Brush and Spatula Brush/Spatula
Broom Broom

Bio Hazard Bad Bio Hazard Bag
Gen-Probe Cobas Swab Cobas Swab
Gen-Probe Cobas Urine Cobas Urine

Formulin Tissue Vial (each)
(20 ml)
(40 ml)
(90 ml)
OneSwab OneSwab (each)
UroSwab UroSwab (each)

NasoSwab NasoSwab (each)

pcr req PCR/Clinical Requistion (each)

cold pack Cold Packs (each)

Foil Pouches (each)

Fed Ex Box 8"x6"x3" Box

Fed Ex Label FedEx Shipping Label

Fed Ex Pack FedEx UN3373 Pak
Mailing Box USPS Mailing Box
Pink Paper Pink Paper

Perf Paper Perf Paper


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