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Specimen handling
Q: How long is my specimen viable?
A: Different specimen types are viable for various lengths of time, as follows: ThinPrep Pap-one month, Cobas specimens-one month, Tissue specimens-years, OneSwab-one month with a beta-actin test after 10 days to determine quantity of DNA, clinical specimens-whole blood is only viable up to 48 hours, while serum can be tested within five days if refrigerated.
Q: Can I add on tests after a specimen is in the laboratory?
A: Yes, with a written order. Tests can be added on to the ThinPrep vial for up to 30 days after specimen receipt in the laboratory.
Cobas and OneSwab specimens are held for 30 days, during which additional testing can also be added on. Serum is held for seven days for additional testing.

Q: Can my slides be sent to another physician's office?
A: Yes, both cytology and histology slides can be sent to for review. To fill out a release form and give forwarding information, call the lab at (800) 572-4277.

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Specimen shipping
Q: How do I package specimens for shipping?
A: All specimens are required by CAP to have two identifiers that match the accompanying requisition. Place the specimen in a
bio-hazard bag with the requisition in the outside pocket. If you have more then one specimen for a patient, place each in its own bag, then place these bags into one bio bag. If you ship via Federal Express (FedEx), place all bio-hazard bags in the specimen transport box provided by Cytocheck (two of which can fit into the Fed Ex UN3373 Pack). If you ship via the U.S. Postal Service, simply place all
bio-hazard bags in the pre-paid U.S.P.S. box provided by Cytocheck. If a courier picks up your specimens, a courier bag will be provided by Cytocheck for you to put your bio-hazard bags into.

Q: I didn't have my specimens ready in time to be picked up by the courier/FedEx driver. What should I do?
A: If you have Paps or surgical specimens, they will be fine to go out the following day. If you have time-sensitive specimens, such as blood work, please call the lab at (800) 572-4277 to make alternative arrangements.
Q: My courier/FedEx driver did not make their scheduled pick-up? What should I do?
A: Call the laboratory at (800) 572-4277 to make us aware of the situation. We will contact your designated driver, and help make arrangements to get your specimens picked up as soon as possible.
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Specimen reporting
Q: How long after I send my specimens should I receive a report?

A: Turnaround times are as follows: Pap smears-1-2 working days from receipt in laboratory, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia testing-1-2 working days from receipt in laboratory, HPV testing-2-3 working days from receipt in laboratory, Surgical pathology-same day from receipt in laboratory unless sent for consult, PCR testing-2-5 days from receipt in laboratory, clinical testing-1-2 working days from receipt in laboratory. If you have results pending that are past these time frames, please contact the laboratory at (800) 572-4277.
Q: What options are available for reporting?
A: Cytocheck offers numerous options for clients to receive reports, including ReportCyte, fax, and mail. In most cases, cytocheck can also interface with your Electronic Medical Reports system.
Q: What type of specialized reports does Cytocheck provide?
A: A monthly report is sent to all providers each month listing abnormal results. Statistical reports are also available upon request.
Q: What options are available for patient letters?
A: Cytocheck will provide letters to alert your clients of an Abnormal or Negative result, as well as a reminder for an Annual Exam. You can pick and choose which letters you'd like. All three reports are also available in Spanish.
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How to become a Cytocheck client
Q: I am interested in using Cytocheck's services. How do I begin?
A: Simply call our laboratory toll-free at (800) 572-4277. Our in-house marketing representative can assist you in getting all of your information and getting you set up to send us your specimens. You will also be introduced to your account executive, who will help you with pricing, billing options, reporting options, as well as all of your future needs and concerns.
Q: What options are available for public funded clinics?
A: At Cytocheck laboratory, we offer two different types of pap smears: Computer assisted Imaged ThinPrep and NonImaged ThinPrep. At two different prices, one of these options is sure to be a fit for your clinic. Reduced pricing is available for Pap smears, as well as for all of our testing.
Q: Can I try Cytocheck Laboratory for a trial period?
A: Cytocheck will be happy to let you utilize our services for a trial period. Call the laboratory at (800) 572-4277, and we can asses your needs.
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Q: What insurances can be billed?
A: We have been approved to bill a wide variety of private insurances, medicare, and state medicaid programs.
See the complete list here.
If you have patients with any other insurance not listed, call us at (800) 403-8770.
Q: What information is required for a bill insurance patient?
A: In order to insure a quick and hassle-free transaction with insurance companies, please make sure a copy of the front and back of your patient's current insurance card is included with the lab requisition. By providing us the correct address and telephone number for your patient, we will also be able to send all communication necessary.
Q: What billing options are available for my clinic?
A: We can bill private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, the patient, or back to your clinic, per your state regulations and/or contract agreement with Cytocheck Laboratory.
Q: Does Cytocheck provide Covid-19 Testing? What is the price?
A: Yes, Cytocheck is currently providing Covid-19 testing at a cash price of $249 for the Real Time PCR methodology. Please call the lab at (800) 572-4277 for more information.
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